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50 Genius Products That Will Save You So Much Money

by Ambriel

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You don’t have to live an extremely frugal lifestyle to save money around the house. There are plenty of little things you can purchase that will help you save money all year long. Check out the list of energy saving, eco-friendly products below.

1. Reusable, eco-friendly sandwich bags that you can cook, bake, freeze, and microwave food in.

2. Reusable silicone drinking straws that are flexible and perfect for any size beverage.

3. Energy efficient light bulbs that will lower your light bill.

4. Air-tight food storage containers that will keep your food fresh for longer.

5. A shoe cleaner kit that will remove the toughest stains and make your footwear look new again.

6. Washable makeup remover pads that will remove dirt, oil, and waterproof makeup from your face.

7. A long, mini spatula that allows you to get scrape up the last drop of product in bottles.

8. A water-saving shower head that emits just enough water to get you clean.

9. A vacuum sealer that removes air from freezer bags and preserves food.

10. An energy-saving programmable thermostat that knows when to turn on and turn off.

11. Reusable mop pads that you can throw in the washer after using.

12. An expense tracker you can use to organize your bills, track your finances, create your budget.

13. Rechargeable AA batteries that are ideal for flashlights, keyboards, remote controls, and more.

14. Cancel your cable tv subscription and use this HDTV antenna to enjoy free local channels.

15. A Brita water pitcher to filter tap water.

16. A car wash and waxing kit to get your car sparkling clean without going to the car wash.

17. A bottle emptying kit that allows you to get every last drop of product out of a bottle.

18. Say goodbye to oily, deep fried foods. An air fryer is an energy efficient way to cook your favorite foods with only a small amount of cooking oil.

19. Stop spending money at Jamba Juice and make your a fresh smoothie at home with this NutriBullet Blender.

20. Washable menstrual pads that are comfortable, absorbent, and eco-friendly.

21. You’ll never waste money on sponges again when you start using this silicone sponge scrubber.

22. Plastic drinking pouches that you can fill with your kid’s favorite juice to replace buying individual juice pouches.

23. Instead of buying dryer sheets, sprinkle a few drops of essential oils onto these wool dryer balls to make your laundry smell fresh.

24. Bottled water is expensive. Take your water with you on the go with this fruit infusion water bottle.

25. Saran wrap will become an item you never have to purchase again, thanks to these silicone stretch lids that can fit over any bowl.

26. Take your yogurt parfait on the go everyday with this portable yogurt cup.

27. Glass meal prep containers that are durable and perfect for weekly meal prep meals.

28. This toothpaste squeezer roller lets you squeeze every last drop of toothpaste out of the tube.

29. Solar powered motion detector lights that will light your outdoor pathway at night without increasing your light bill.

30. Grow your own herbs inside of your home with this herb garden kit.

31. Stay warm in the winter without cranking up the heat  with this portable space heater.

32. Spending $50 to $75 for a gel manicure at the nail salon is a thing of the past. Treat yourself to gel manicure at home with this UV LED Curing Lamp.

33. When a daily Starbucks run no longer fits within the monthly budget, get your coffee fix at home with a reliable coffee machine.

34. Save money and energy by using a drying rack to dry your laundry.

35. Reusable grocery bags cut down on the usage of plastic bags. These bags are extra large and durable.

36. Beat the flu before it gets you. Try this homeopathic flu medicine to avoid making a trip to the doctors office.

37. Stream your favorite shows from Hulu & Netflix with this Roku Box and kiss cable goodbye!

38. Never lose a pair of socks again with this SockDock sock organizer.

39. Protect your delicates from getting snagged, tangled, and torn in the washing machine by washing them in mesh laundry bags.

40. Remove tough stains and keep your carpet in good condition with this professional strength cleaner.

41. With these watering globes, you’ll never have to worry about your houseplants dying again.

42. Protect your $1,000 smartphone with a heavy-duty phone case.

43. Cook at home more with a crockpot.

44. This reusable lint roller will pick up unwanted pet hair on any surface. Just wash the lint roller off  when you’re done.

45. Save energy by sealing the gap underneath your door with a door draft stopper.

46. You can conserve energy with a surge protector by shutting off power to electronics that are not being used.

47. This little Bluapple keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer by absorbing ethylene gas and odors.

48. Keep your coffee hot and your sweet tea cold with an insulated tumbler.

49. This washable puppy training pad is the perfect money saving alternative to disposable training pads.

50. Save the planet while enjoying your favorite cup of coffee by using these universally compatible refillable k-cups.

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