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8 Top Secret Ways To Save Money at Walmart

by Ambriel

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Walmart is the largest retailer in the world, and known for its low prices and good deals.

People know that they are getting low prices when they shop at Walmart, but what they don’t know is that they can save even more money.

Maximize your savings and keep more money in your pocket with these effective ways to save money at the world’s largest retailer.

Get online prices in the store

If you’re inside the store and find in item that’s cheaper online, the store will match Walmart.com prices. Let’s say you’ve found a nice coffee pot in the store while shopping. Before you head to the register, check Walmart.com to see if you can find that same coffee pot online for a lower price.

Learn how to price match to your advantage

When you see where a local grocery store has the same product that you’re shopping for in stock but at a lower price, Walmart will price match the competitor’s price. This is a great way to save money on toiletries, meat, and produce.

Use the Savings Catcher App

You can still save money on your purchases after you shop with the Savings Catcher App. Use the app to scan your receipt. If the app finds a lower price for items you’ve already purchased, you’ll be paid the difference. It almost reminds me of the Paribus app.

Purchase items from Walmart’s Great Value Brand

When shop at big store retailers, you’ll notice that they have their own in-store brand, which is usually a lot cheaper than name brand goods. Walmart’s Great Value products are great quality products that are significantly cheaper than other brands.

Shop the clearance aisle

Every Walmart store has an aisle dedicated to clearance items. Find the aisle in your local Walmart and shop it regularly. You can also check the end caps at every aisle for items that have been marked down.

Shop early in the morning

Being an early bird has its benefits. Most stores mark down the price of meat and produce approaching their sell by date early in the morning. You should also check the bakery for baked goods that have been price reduced, as well.

Use free two-day shipping while shopping online

Shopping online at Walmart gives you the opportunity to purchase items without leaving your home. When spend over $35, you’ll qualify for free two-day shipping. You can even purchase items online and have them shipped to your local store for free same-day pickup.

Download the Walmart App

Find exclusive deals and savings in the store and online when you download the Walmart App. With the Walmart App, you can see what’s in stock, how much it costs, and where it’s located in the store to help you save time. Refilling prescriptions, shopping online, and paying for in-store purchases using Walmart Pay are a few more added benefits of using the Walmart App.

There’s nothing wrong with finding more ways to save money while shopping at Walmart. Use these tips to the next time you visit your local store.


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