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12 Insanely Simple Ways To Declutter and Organize Your Home

by Ambriel

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Are you tired of looking at home in a mess? It’s easy to accumulate clutter, but it’s hard trying to figure out how to declutter and organize your home without going insane.

When you’re constantly shifting through piles of clothes to find one sweater or one pair of jeans, then you know that it’s time to start looking for ways to declutter and organize your home.

I admit that when I first started thinking about how to declutter and organize my home, I was a little overwhelmed (and ashamed) by how much work I had to do.  Luckily, there’s tons of easy ways to organize and declutter to simplify the task.

If you start off by taking things one area at a time then, you’ll have your entire home clean before you know it. Learn how to declutter and organize room by room with the tips listed below.


Declutter and organize your kitchen cabinets with this pan and bakeware organizer rack


Searching through the cabinets for the right pan or baking sheet can feel like a burden and keep up a lot of noise. Good thing this pan organizer exists and costs less than $15.

This two set rack contains 3 compartments for storing cookie sheets, cutting boards, pans, pan lids, and more. Customers are raving about this pan organizer, saying it’s exactly what they needed to declutter and organize their kitchen cabinets.


Declutter and organize the interior of your purse with this felt insert bag organizer


I absolutely love my large handbag because there’s so much space, but there’s not enough pockets or compartments. Which is why this insert bag organizer is absolutely perfect for any large wide handbag.

It has over 10 compartments and it comes in 3 different sizes to fit any handbag of any size. Customers are in love with this product, saying that it keeps their bag clutter free and clean!


Use a set of stackable bins to declutter and organize items in every room of your home.


Every homeowner needs to own a set of stackable bins. Use them to organize your kitchen pantry, bathroom cabinets, kids playroom, and more.

You can find stackable bins from any store, but these stackable bins are exceptionally sturdy and made solid plastic, so they won’t fall apart anytime soon.


Keep your toiletries and cosmetics organize lid in this travel friendly toiletry bag


This mesh toiletry bag has 23 storage points that are suitable for organizing all of your toiletries. It’s made from durable, water resistant polyester that can withstand liquid spills and leaks.

Plus, the built-in hook allows you to hang the toiletry bag on a towel rack, shower bar, or door hook. Customers love this bag, saying it’s easy to fold, carry, and pack.


Declutter and organize your kitchen pantry with this can rack organizer


Stop trying to stack cans of chicken noodle soup and chicken broth on top of one another and invest in this can rack organizer.

The racks are easy to assemble and can be adjusted to fit different size cans and jars. You can store up to 36 cans in one rack, so it’s perfect for saving space.


This device charging station will declutter and organize your electronics and their chargers


Where did I put my charger? I have to ask myself that question at least three times a day. Our smartphones and tablets make life easier, but trying to keep them all organized can be difficult.

Organize and charge all of your devices in one place at one time with this charging station. Customers have a few mixed reviews about this product, but it has a good rating so far.


This rotating makeup organizer will declutter your bathroom countertop and organize your cosmetics


You can officially say goodbye to messy cosmetics being scattered all over your dresser.

Unlike other traditional flat makeup organizers, this rotating makeup organizer can help you find the lipgloss, facial cleanser, or moisturizer that you’re looking for in one quick spin. Customers say that this makeup organizer is easy to assemble and has a large capacity.


Keep food in your pantry fresh for longer with these airtight food storage containers


Here’s another pantry organizing tool to declutter and organize with. Store dry foods like pasta, rice, flour, sugar, cereal, grains, nuts, and more in these airtight containers to keep them from going foul while sitting in your pantry.

Use the labels to label the contents of the containers. Customers are saying that these stackable airtight containers save a ton of space in their pantry.


Declutter and organize your shoes by stacking them on top of the other with these Shoe Slotz


If you have a large collection of shoes with limited storage space on your closet shelves, then you should give these a try. Shoe Slotz are a shoe organizing storage unit that lets you stack on shoe on top of the other.

When you think about it, being able to stack your shoes saves more space than sitting them beside each other on the floor. Even though they are not adjustable, Shoe Slotz promises to fit any size shoe.


Tangled cords will no longer be a problem with these fastening cable straps


What do earbuds, phone chargers, and hdmi cords have in common? They’re all long cords that get tangled when you try to put them away. Declutter and organize your desk /  workspace by securing your loose cords with these fastening cable straps.

They come in a variety of colors and sizes to fit around any cord. Customers are in love with these velcro cable ties, saying they’re the best cord wraps ever!


Never lose a sock again with this sock organizer


Does it feel like you lose a sock every time you do laundry? I’ve come to the realization that my dryer is somehow eating my socks, but I have a way to prove that yet. Sockdock is an sock organizing tool that’ll keep socks in pairs while they are being washed and dryer.

All you have to do is group the socks together on the sockdock, throw it in washer and dryer, and hang it up in your closet. Customers are obsessed with this product, saying they haven’t lost a single sock since they’ve been using it.


Declutter and organize your excess grocery bags with this grocery bag dispenser


I like to keep my empty grocery bags, because they can be reused as small trash bags. I usually just keep them stuffed together, but that’s not the most appealing thing to do. Good thing this grocery bag dispenser exists. Mount it on the wall and push  your empty grocery bags through the opening at the top.

When you need a grocery bag, just pull one through the slit in the middle. Customers are impressed by this product, saying it’s a stylish solution for storing plastic grocery bags.


If you’ve always wanted to find out how to declutter and organize your home, then now is the time. Check out each of the products and use them to get your home in order. Declutter, organize, and simplify your home with these tips

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