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8 Cleaning Tasks You Desperately Need To Finish Before The New Year Starts

by Ambriel


As the year comes to a close, take the time to finish up those cleaning tasks that you’ve been putting off for the whole year. Think of it as a last minute deep cleaning to end the year on a good note.

Don’t start the new year off with a dirty home. There’s still enough time to complete the cleaning tasks listed below before January 1st.


Declutter your closet

Why are you still hanging on to your clothes from high school? Throw them out! Declutter your closet by getting rid of old clothes, shoes, handbags, etc. Then, start organizing the clothes that you have left hanging in your closet.

Organize your kitchen pantry

How long has that can of chicken noodle soup been sitting in your pantry? I don’t even want to know. Check the expiration dates on every food item in your pantry. Throw away the old the food, and organize the rest of the items in your pantry with these hacks.

Clean out your purse

If you’ve ever wondered why your handbag is so heavy, it’s probably because it’s full of of junk. It’s so easy to stuff old receipts, lip gloss, gum packets, and more junk into your purse without realizing.  Declutter your purse by going through and getting rid of all of the junk. Consider switching to a smaller purse to keep the clutter down.

Deep clean the carpet

Carpet stains are quite embarrassing. Don’t let the stains in your carpet sit there any longer. Invest in a quality carpet cleaner and use it on your carpet one good time before the new year.

Clean the air vents

Dust can build up inside of your air vents and tarnish the air quality in your home. To keep the air clean and free from dust allergens, use a knife wrapped in a cloth to clean the grates of the air vent. Slide the cloth-wrapped knife through each individual grate to make sure that every bit of dust is gone. While you’re there, you can go ahead and replace the air filter.

Organize your junk drawer

We all have that one drawer where we just throw any random thing into it. Small items like batteries, calculators, pens, notepads, and more usually end up in the junk drawer. Get your junk drawer organized by removing the drawer, sorting everything into separate piles, and throwing items that you don’t need away. Place a drawer organizer tray into the bottom of your drawer, and place all of the items into the tray.

Organize your bathroom cabinets

The bathroom is every girl’s haven. It’s where we go to get our day started, so it important to keep every inch of the bathroom organized. Start off by storing your hair products in small organizer bins that fit underneath the sink. Use the inside of your cabinet door for storage by placing a storage basket over the door.

Fold all of your laundry

If you’ve been grabbing clothes out of the clean clothes basket all year, don’t feel bad. Washing laundry is mandatory, but it’s easy to put off folding laundry. Before the new year sets in, fold all of your clean clothes and put them where they belong.


Don’t let the new year creep up on you! Make sure that you have all of your cleaning tasks completed before the new year begins.

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