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6 Successful Tips That’ll Help You Create A Budget With Your Partner

by Ambriel


Money problems can cause major problems in a relationship. To keep money problems from affecting your relationship, you must talk things out with your partner and find common ground.

You and your spouse can manage your finances by learning how to budget together. Face the elephant in the room and use these tips to start budgeting with your partner.

Talk about money early on

Once you and your partner decide to become serious, start the money talk early. Discussing money and finances early on in a relationship will keep the issues from arising later on. Get the bombshells out of the way so you or your partner won’t be blindsided later on down the road.

Be respectful

When you sit down with your partner, it’s important to be respectful of their financial situation. You wouldn’t want someone to judge you for being debt or having a low credit score, so don’t judge your partner. Discussing personal finances with your partner will require trust and patience, so take things slow and simple.

Create goals

What long term and short term financial goals do you want to achieve with your spouse? You can plan to buy a new a house in the next two years, or work towards saving money for a nice vacation. The goals that you plan with your partner will shape your budget.

Write down your monthly expenses

Include all of your monthly expenses in the budget. Bills like student loans, car notes, mortgage or rent, health insurance, electricity, water, gas, phone bill, and credit card payments need to w included in the budget.

Discuss your monthly income

In most relationships, there’s going to be one partner that makes more than the other. Splitting the bills in half isn’t the best thing to do in this situation, because it’s going to put more stress on the partner that makes less. The two of you must decide on who will pay what bills and when.

Saving money

Saving money will go hand in hand with creating goals. Once you create your long and short term goals, you and your partner can start saving money every month to put towards those goals. If you’re not married to your partner, then you still need to focus on your own personal savings.


A healthy relationship thrives off of constant, honest communication. Being able to communicate about money with your partner will become a deciding factor on if your relationship survives. Make things easier on you and your spouse by using these tips to create a budget for your future together.

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