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10 Money Saving Tips That You’ve Never Thought Of

by Ambriel


Once I stepped into adulthood, I realized that saving money was a valuable skill that took time to learn. I’m always on the hunt for new saving tips, but if someone else tells me to “keep my spare change in a piggy bank” again, I think I’ll go insane.

If it feels like you’ve learned everything you need to know about saving money, then think again.  Take a look at 10 money saving tips that you’ve probably never seen before.

Book flights weeks in advance

If you’re planning to take a flight in the next few months, go ahead and buy your tickets weeks in advance. If you’re Buying your plane tickets at the last minute, be prepared to pay a steep price. Booking your flight almost 2 months early can help you save hundreds of dollars.

Use coupons to lower the cost of  prescription drugs

the cost of prescription drugs are constantly on the rise, and sometimes insurance isn’t enough to cover the cost. If you have a prescription for a medicine that’s extremely expensive, search online for coupons. Websites like goodrx.com offer tons of discount codes that you can use at almost any major retail pharmacy. You can find try finding coupons on the drug manufacturer’s website. Most drug coupons can be used at retail pharmacies, but read the fine print before using them.

Automate your bills

Everybody hates late fees. Having your bills set up to automatically withdraw from your account and you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to pay a bill again.

Cancel overdraft protection services

When you don’t have enough money in your account to cover a charge, the bank will step in and cover the charge for you. But, they will also charge you an excessive overdraft fee every time this happens. Most overdraft fees are close to $40, which is a pretty large amount. You can opt out of overdraft protection and just have your card declined whenever there’s not enough money in your account.

Avoid impulse buying

Temptation is real, especially when you’re trying to budget. To avoid buying things on the fly, shop with a shopping list and a certain amount of cash. Shopping with cash only will restrain you from picking up excess items and spending more money than what you have.

Cancel unnecessary subscriptions

Do you really read those monthly magazines that you’re subscribed to? $7.99 a month might not seem like a lot of money, but it does add up over time. Cancel any unnecessary subscriptions such as magazines, cable, movies, etc. These items are just eating away at your money that you could be spending on something else.

Save ¼ of your check

Want to build up your emergency fund? Start saving 25% of your check. Create a budget and base it off of the remaining 75% of your check. Force yourself to live off of the remaining amount without touching your savings.

Cook at home and freeze meals

Spending $5 on a hamburger for dinner every night costs more money than spending $30 at the grocery store, cooking a big meal, and eating leftovers everyday. Cooking at home is much cheaper and healthier than eating out. Get creative and star creating freezer meals that you can prepare ahead of time and freeze for later.

Buy toiletries in bulk

Buying toiletries like, paper towels and toilet paper, in bulk is a simple way to save money. We use these items on a daily basis, so you ultimately save time and money when you buy in bulk.

Use credit cards for emergencies only

You shouldn’t have to rely on credit cards to get you through the week. Credit card debt is no joke, and once you’re in it, it’s hard to get out. Use your credit cards for emergency situations only.

When it comes to saving money, you have to pay attention to the small details. Making small changes to your schedule by booking your flights early or buying in bulk, then you’ll save yourself a ton of money. Tell me all about your special money saving hacks in the comment section below.

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