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8 Lazy Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

by Ambriel

Let’s face it; Cleaning isn’t always fun, and I don’t always have the energy to clean my entire house in one day. But Just like every other tedious task, it has to get done.

That’s why I’ve gathered some really cool cleaning hacks that I can use on the days when I just feel super lazy. These hacks actually work, so you won’t be wasting your time by giving them a try. Take a look at the hacks below!

Cleaning doesn’t have to be hard! Make your life was by using these lazy cleaning hacks in your home. If you struggle with staying on a cleaning schedule, these hacks will help you keep your home clean everyday without much effort. Every girl has to try these lazy cleaning tips! #cleaninghacks #lazycleaninghacks #cleaningtips #lazygirlhacks


Hide dryer sheets around your home

Dryer sheets smell so good! If you want your house to smell like fresh laundry for weeks, then Find a few sneaky spots around the house where you can hide dryer sheets. Leave them there and enjoy the pleasant smell!

DIY dusting slippers

You can dust the floors of your home everyday by creating a pair of DIY dusting slippers. You’ll need a pair of slippers, a microfiber mat, scissors, and sticky adhesive strips to create your pair. Line the slippers up on the back of the microfiber mat, cut around the slippers, and use the the sticker strips to attach the pieces of cut out mat to the bottom of your slippers.

Vacuum small crevices with a paper towel

Vacuuming is fairly easy until you try to vacuum crumbs out of the narrow crevices of the couch, bed, etc. When you don’t have an alternative vacuum attachment to use, tape an empty paper towel roll to the vacuum hose. Press the paper towel until it becomes narrow enough to fit in between your sofa cushions, and vacuum like normal.

Use aluminum foil to scrub away stubborn stains

Hard stains that have dried up need a little scrubbing action to get them to come up. Take a small sheet of aluminum foil, ball it up in your hand, and use to scrub away at the dried up stain.

Wash small items in the dishwasher

Small things like, toys, plastic cup holders, and anything that looks like it can withstand the power of a dishwasher, can be washed inside of a dishwasher on the top rack.

Use baking soda to remove coffee stains

Have you ever washed out a coffee cup, and realized that the inside of the cup was stained? Don’t throw the mug away! Take a handful of baking soda and scrub the inside of the coffee cup for a minute. Rinse the cup out with water and the stains should be gone.

Get rid of mineral deposits around your sink handles with vinegar

Take a cloth and wet it with vinegar. Wrap the cloth around your sink faucet and let it sit for an hour. Take the cloth off the faucet and use a toothbrush to scrub away any stains that remain.

Clean a cutting board with lemon

Cutting boards are a kitchen essential. Cut a lemon in half and rub it across the surface of your cutting board. Sprinkle salt across the surface of the cutting, and let it sit for 15 minutes before washing it off.


Don’t make cleaning harder than it has to be. Use these hacks to get the job done quickly!


These lazy cleaning hacks will make every girls life easier. Learn how to clean with baking soda and many more lazy hacks that you’ve never seen before. #cleaninghacks #lazycleaninghacks #cleaningtips #lazygirlhacksDid you know that you could use baking soda to get rid of coffee stains or use dryer sheets to make your house smell good. Prepare to have your mind blown by these awesome lazy cleaning hacks! Every girl should know about these hacks, so check them out! #cleaninghacks #lazycleaninghacks #cleaningtips #lazygirlhacks

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