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8 Free Ways To Make Money From Home

by Ambriel

When most people think about making money from home, they think about starting an online business. Starting an online business costs money; money that some of us don’t have.

Believe it or not, there’s tons of ways to make money from home without having to spend a dime. I’ve gathered a number of free ways you can start to make money from home, and I’ve listed them below. These tips don’t require any form of investment, so you will gain as long as keep going with it. Check them out below!

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Become an Amazon Affiliate

If you sign up to become an Amazon Affiliate, you can make money promoting amazon products. Once you become an affiliate, you can create a tracking link for almost any product on

Freelance writing

Bloggers and website are always looking for people to write fresh, new content for their site. Set up a profile Fivver to promote your writing services. Most freelance writers average $20 to $35 for each 500 word blog post that they write. As long as you know how to use basic grammar, you can definitely start freelance writing for extra money.

Test websites

If you have a good computer with a microphone, then you are fully equipped with everything you need to start testing websites. Websites like UserTesting.com are looking for regular people to give their opinion and feedback about other websites. You can earn up to $10 for each test you complete.

Sell stuff on Facebook yard sale

Get rid of your old wardrobe by selling some of your old clothes on Facebook yard sale. Just take a picture of the items that you want to sell, and post it on the yard sale section of Facebook. All of your friends that are located near you will see the post. Objects like old furniture, paintings, and electronic devices, can sell fast.

Become a brand ambassador

Do you have a large amount of followers on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook? There are companies that are willing to pay people to promote their products on their personal social media profiles. Most companies charge a fixed rate per post, so start using your social media for more than just selfies.

Sell stock photos

Your high powered camera is capable of taking some stunning photos. You can sell those photos on stock photo sites like Depositphotos and make money everytime your photo is purchased.

Complete surveys

Companies want to know what you think about their services, and they will pay you for your opinion. You can start completing surveys and start making money almost instantly. You won’t make much, but if you complete multiple surveys in a day, you can start raking up some extra cash.


In this economy, it’s important to have multiple streams of income. From college students trying to make a little cash before going back to school, or a working adult planning to build an emergency fund,  having a side hustle that doesn’t require you to leave home will help you reach your financial goals. Try some of these simple ways to make money from home, and tell me what you think about them.


I’ve finally made my dream of making money online from home come true by using these tips. You have to try the ideas in this post if you seriously want to make quick cash from home. Start a side hustle today! #makemoney #makemoneyonline #workfromhome #sidehustle #makemoneyfast

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