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6 Things That Don’t Belong On Your Bathroom Countertop

by Ambriel

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Every woman knows that the bathroom is one of the most important places in the house. It’s where put on our makeup, style our hair, and get ready for the day.

With that being said, the bathroom can become super cluttered, especially the countertop area. The bathroom countertop can become cluttered and swamped with beauty supplies and other personal necessities that we use on the daily basis.

To keep your bathroom countertop clear and clean, there are a few things that you need to keep off of your countertops and store them elsewhere. Take a look at the things that don’t belong on your bathroom countertop in the list below!


Keep your granite or ceramic bathroom countertops clean, clear, and organized. These are the 6 items that you need to keep off of your bathroom countertop if you want it stay looking good. Keep your bathroom counter organized with these tips! Find new ways to organize your makeup, hair products, and more without stuffing them on top of your bathroom countertop surface.


Makeup products

I know it may seem like a great idea to keep your makeup on the counter, but it’s not. Having your makeup products sprawled across the top of the counter will only make it harder for you to find what you. Plus, your countertops can get dirty if you accidentally spill foundation, powder, etc. Purchase a sturdy makeup case to organize your makeup and place it  in your bedroom.

Hair supplies

Blow dryers, curling irons, and flat irons have long cords that can become easily tangled when they are not put away properly. I believe hair products with electrical components don’t belong near the sink. Keep your hair styling products off of the bathroom counter by using a product organizer like this one to store them in. Place the organizer in the bathroom cabinet when you’re not using any of your stylers. Make sure your hot tools have completely cooled down before placing them in the organizer.

Hair brushes and combs don’t belong on the bathroom counter either. Place them in a hair comb compartment organizer tray and keep it in a drawer.

Face washes and scrubs

I’ve always had to deal with acne, so I use a multitude of face washes and masks to keep my acne under control.

Instead of cluttering my bathroom countertop with my acne solutions, I place them in a clear storage bin underneath the sink. Whenever I go to wash my face I pull out the cleanser I need and return it back into the bin once I’m done.

Paper towels

Paper towels are a bathroom necessity of course, but just one roll can take up valuable countertop space. Install a paper towel wall mount like this one, onto the wall beside your sink. Not only does this paper towel holder keep the paper win arms reach, it frees up counter space as well.


Create more storage space on your bathroom countertops by keeping these 6 items off of your bathroom counter. Use wire baskets and organizers to keep clutter from piling up on the surface of your bathroom counter.


Extra bath towels

Your bathroom isn’t a hotel bathroom. Extra bath towels are useful to have on hand, but you don’t need them cluttering up the counter. For a more reasonable way to keep extra towels where you need them, Place your extra towels on a towel rack. You can even try to install a floating wall shelf above the top of your bathroom door and keep towels there.

Medicine bottles

This is a given, but medicine bottles should not be left out on the bathroom counter. Even with a child proof cap, medicine bottles can easily become a hazard when left out in the open. You can install a medicine cabinet to go on the wall in your bathroom  and lock away your medicine.

The key to keeping your bathroom countertop clear is to find a specific place for everything. For even more bathroom countertop tips, check out this post on how to keep your bathroom counter organized. Share your ideas with me in the comment section below.


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