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9 Cheap & Easy Ways to Clean Small Kitchen Appliances

by Ambriel

It’s the little things that matter the most, and when I tell you that I can’t live without my small kitchen appliances, I mean it.

Small kitchen appliances like toasters and microwaves make our lives so much easier. These small but useful devices save us so much time in the kitchen, and in order to keep them working perfectly, it’s a good idea to clean them regularly.

If you don’t know how to clean some of the small kitchen appliances that you own, then keep reading! I’ve gathered some really helpful cleaning tutorials and listed them below! Keep your small kitchen appliances clean and working properly with these tutorials. For more information on each tip, click the link located under the embedded pin.


How to clean a slow cooker

Found from Life Should Cost Less

Materials Needed:


Baking soda


First, fill your slow cooker ¾ths up with water. Add one cup of vinegar, and then add one cup of baking soda. Place the lid on top of your slow cooker and let it run for 4 hours. Once the hours have passed, take the lid off and let it cool down. Empty the slow cooker into the sink and use soap and water to clean it out. Find more details from Life Should Cost Less.


How to clean your Instant Pot

Found from One Good Thing By Jillee

Keep your instant pot clean by placing the inner pot in the dishwasher or wash it with soap and water. Don’t forget to wash the lid and sealing ring. For more details on how to clean your instant pot, check out this post from One Good Thing by Jillee.


How to clean a Keruig

Found from The Cards We Drew

If you’re a coffee addict, then you need to keep your coffee maker clean! Abbey from The Carrds We Drew has a detailed post on how to clean your keurig. Check it out here!


How to clean a toaster

Found from Martha Stewart

Hold the toaster upside down over the trash can and shake the crumbs out. Take a small, soft brush and brush the toaster slots for stubborn crumbs. Find more information from this post from Martha Stewart.


How to clean a toaster over

Found from Toaster Oven Love

My toaster oven is an everyday necessity. It’s highly recommended that you try to wipe your toaster oven down everyday, but a deep clean is necessary every now and then. Learn how to diligently care for and clean your toaster oven from Toaster Oven Love.


How to clean a microwave

Found from Real: The Kitchen and Beyond

Materials Needed:

Glass bowl


Clean cloth

Take a glass bowl and fill it halfway with water. Place a few slices of lemon into the bowl and put the bowl in the microwave. Let the microwave run for 4 minutes. Take the bowl out of the microwave, and use the cloth to wipe down the inside of the microwave. For more information, check out Real: The Kitchen & Beyond.


How to clean a waffle maker

Found from The Mama’s Girls

Once you are immediately done using your waffle maker, unplug it while it’s still hot. Take a damp paper towel and place it onto the iron. Close the lid to the waffle iron. The steam and the damp paper towel will work to loosen up grime. After a few minutes have passed and once the iron has cooled down significantly, open the lid and use the towel to wipe in between the iron. Find more details from The Mama’s Girls.


How to clean a deep fryer

Found from Fabulessly Frugal

All of my guilty pleasures are made in a deep fryer. If you still use a deep fryer in your home, use this tutorial from Fabulessly Frugal to learn how to clean every part of your deep fryer.


How to clean a blender

Found from The Frugal Girls

First, fill your blender halfway with water and add a few drops of dish liquid. Place the lid on the blender and let the blender run for about 10 seconds. Turn the blender off and rinse the blender out with hot water. Find more details from The Frugal Girls.


Small kitchen appliances are so convenient to use on the daily basis. I hope that the tips above help you clean the appliances in your kitchen! If you have small appliance cleaning tips, share them with me in the comment section below.

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