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12 Cheap Ways To Organize Your Home With Items From the Dollar Store

by Ambriel

Looking for cheap ways to organize the clutter in your home? Head out to the dollar store!
The dollar store has everything you need to organize your home for $1! Spending a ton of money on items to organize your with home with is unnecessary; you can organize your entire home with items from the dollar store. For ideas, take a look at the ideas listed below to learn  how  you can organize your home with items from the dollar store .


Organize your kid’s toys in the garage with dollar store baskets

Found from Simply Kierste
As the weather warms up, the kids will be outside playing a lot more. Keep the toys from completing taking over your backyard by using dollar store baskets to keep them organized in the garage.


Use this video as inspiration for organizing your linen closet with bins and baskets from the dollar store

Found from Beauty & The Beastons on YouTube

I get some of the best organizing tips from YouTube. Organizing is so much easier when you watch someone else do it! Check out this linen closet organizing video from Beauty & The Beastons.


Place excess cupcake liners in a mason jar

Found from Homesteading Today

Who would have thought that something as simple as cupcake liners could be so easy to lose?


Fill a clear cup with marbles to keep your makeup brushes together


Found from Foliver

The marbles will support the brushes and keep them standing up.

Take a look at this dollar makeup organization video for even more ideas

Found from Vasseur Beauty on YouTube


Use dollar store plastic bins to organize your craft supplies

Found from Kelly Elko

There’s nothing worse than not being able to find the craft tool that you need while you’re in the middle of a DIY project. It breaks your focus when you have to stop and search for what you are missing. Keeping all of your crafts supplies in storage bins that are labeled makes creating crafts so much easier and fun!


Stick adhesive hooks on your wall and place a small basket on them to organize items in your bathroom

Found from this pin on Pinterest

Adhesive hooks and small storage baskets from the dollar store work together to organize your facial washes and more.


Use command strips to stick plastic corner shelves on the walls in your bathroom for extra storage space.


Found from this pin on Pinterest


Use this video to make your own DIY storage unit with dollar store milk crates

Found from Bargain Bethany on YouTube

I’m all for a cheap DIY project. If you’re up for the task, follow along with this video to create a storage unit with dollar store crates.


Place extra bath towels on plant holders, and place bath cloths in a small wicker basket


Found from this pin on Pinterest

Don’t you hate it when you finish showering and realize that you forgot to grab your towel before you got in?! First world problems, for sure. Use this dollar store hack to keep your bath towels where you can find them.

Organize your kitchen cabinets with clear storage bins

Found from My House My Home

When you’re constantly in the kitchen, your cabinets can become a mess quickly. Storage bins are perfect for keeping all of your kitchen essentials organized.

Store all of your cleaning supplies in wire baskets

Found from this pin on Pinterest

No one likes to spend all day cleaning. That’s why it’s best to keep your cleaning supplies organized, so you can go from one area of your home to the next without having to stop and search for the supplies that you want to use.


Share some of your favorite dollar store organizing tips with me in the comment section below!

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