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30 Unbelievable Before & After Furniture Flip Ideas

by Ambriel

Flipping furniture is when you buy on old piece of furniture from a flea market or garage sale for dirt cheap and transform into something new. It’s an awesome hobby to pass time and it can become a lucrative side hustle.
Turning furniture from flea markets into a modern creation is so much fun and it’s an awesome way to create cheap furniture.
You can do so many things with an outdated piece of furniture. The possibilities are endless, and listed below are some the best flea market flips you have to see!

Take a look at how this DIYer turned an old headboard into a bench

Found from Ruggy DIY


Painting this desk with metallic paint gave it a new look

Found from Hometalk


Look at how this thrift store dresser was flipped into a TV stand

Found from Two It Yourself


Bring a vintage enamel table back to life with this makeover tutorial

Full tutorial from House of Hawthornes


Create an ottoman out of an old coffee table

Found from Belle Vie


Here’s another great example of flipping a coffee table into a tufted ottoman

Found from Bean in Love


With a little bit of effort, you can give any old piece of furniture a new look

Found from The Shabby Creek Cottage


Painting this dresser with chalk paint gave it a fresh look

Found from U Create Crafts


I’m in love with this vintage 70’s style flea market flip

Found from Visual Heart


This farmhouse desk transformation is phenomenal!

Found from Prodigal Pieces


Adding stencils to this thrift store bookshelf makes it stand out

Found from Cutting Edge Stencils


This nightstand makeover is absolutely amazing!

Found from Thirty Eighth Street


A beautiful china cabinet can become the focal point of any room. A thrift store china cabinet makeover like this one will definitely catch your eye when you walk in the room.

Found from Confessions Of A Serial Do-It-Yourselfer


If you’re lucky enough to come across an antique hutch for $99, then you should definitely flip it like this!

Found from Confessions of A Serial Do-It-Yourselfer


Here’s another unbelievable hutch makeover. It’s gorgeous!

Found from It’s A Mom’s World


Can you believe this sofa table was purchased for $17 from a thrift store? I’m so impressed by this!

Found from Confessions of A Serial Do-It-Yourselfer


Flip a laminate oak bookshelf into a rustic modern creation with this furniture flip tutorial.

Found from Anika’s DIY Life


Try to recreate this amazing dresser makeover with your bedroom dresser

Found from Fynes Designs


You can never have too much storage space. Look at how this dresser was flipped into a side table with an area for storage!

Found from Ella Claire Inspired


Distressed furniture is trendy! Follow along with this tutorial to flip your old furniture and give it a new, distressed look!

Found from Salvaged Inspirations


There’s nothing worse than a cluttered home office. The spring accents on this $15 storage unit adds character to the entire room.

Found from Little House In The Big D


If you’re a coffee addict, then you are going to love this furniture flip idea! Look at how this $40 hutch was transformed into a coffee bar.

Found from DIY Beautify


Transforming an older dresser into a fully stocked wine bar is a furniture flip idea that I would love to have in my home!

Found from The Navage Patch


Like I mentioned earlier, furniture flipping can become a lucrative side hustle. This DIYer paid $11 for this dresser, flipped it by adding a few improvements, and sold it for $175!

Found from Sawdust 2 Stitches


I love how this DIYer added a splash of color to the barstools that she received for free.

Found from Down Redbud Drive


Buying new dining chairs can be expensive. Take a look at how this DIYer completely transformed these dining chairs.

Found from Bless’er House


This DIYer found a way to turn an old dresser into a bench with storage and a built in table!

Found from The Quirky Cottage


Got an old headboard? Follow this tutorial to turn it into a fully functional bench!

Found from My Repurposed Life


This bathroom china cabinet transformation is mind blowing!

Found from Painted by Kayla Payne


This rustic dresser makeover will make you want to try your hand at creating it!

Found from Liz Marie Blog


Aren’t these furniture flip ideas amazing?! I’ve never seen anything like the ideas that I’ve listed above. Which idea are you going to try?


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