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8 Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks – Cleaning and Organizing Tips You Have to Try In Your Home

by Ambriel

Ding-dong, winter is gone! The dreariest season of the year is finally over and spring is upon us. The start of a new season calls for some changes around the house.

Spring cleaning is like a home detox. Spring cleaning is when you take a few days to thoroughly clean & organize your home from top to bottom.

I always dedicate a day or two at the beginning of spring to go through my house and clean everything! I also go from room to room and declutter.

I know it seems like there is a lot to spring cleaning, but it’s easier than you think. You don’t have to get it all done in one day. If you don’t know where to start,  take a look at some the spring cleaning tips that I’ve rounded up and listed below.

The tips listed below are from some of the best vloggers on the web, and I’ve included a link to the original source of each idea for you to check out.


Unclog and Freshen Up Your Sink Drain

Unclog and clean your drain with baking soda and vinegar | spring cleaning hacks | cleaning tips | cleaning schedule | ways to clean your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen | kitchen sink cleaning

Materials Needed:

½ cup of baking soda

1 cup of vinegar

Pour ½ cup of baking soda and 1 cup of vinegar into the sink. Let the solution fizz and drain down into the sink pipes. For more cleaning hacks, take a look at the full video from VasseurBeauty on Youtube.


Remove Hard Water Stains From Your Shower and Sink Handles

How to remove hard water stains in shower | lemon cleaning tips | deep cleaning hacks | how to get rid of hard water stains on faucet, shower, glassware | Cleaning tips for bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom

Materials Needed:

½ lemon

Take the lemon and rub it all over your shower and sink hardware. Take a clean cloth and wipe away the excess lemon juice. Take a look at the video for even more cleaning hacks from Rachel Talbott on Youtube.


Remove Soap Scum From Your Bathtub With This DIY Bathtub Cleaner

How to get of soap scum in bathtub | Remove soap scum from bathtub, shower doors with this soap scum remover| Bathroom cleaning tips | Spring cleaning hacks for bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen | household cleaning schedule

Materials Needed:

¼ cup baking soda

¼ cup of dish liquid

10 drops of grapefruit essential oils

Mixing bowl

Take a small mixing bowl and add in the baking soda and dish liquid. Sprinkle 10 drops of grapefruit essential oils into the bowl and mix the ingredients together with a sponge. Damp the sponge and dip it into the solution. Wipe the solution all over the tub and let it sit for 10 minutes. Flip the sponge over to the scrubber side and scrub the tub until all of the soap scum is gone. Use a removable shower head to rinse the tub out. Check out the full video and even more cleaning tips from Clean My Space on YouTube.


How To Remove Stains From Your Couch

How to clean microfiber couch | Remove stains from couch with this diy cleaner | Spring cleaning tips for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen | Deep cleaning hacks | Cleaning ideas | household cleaning ideas schedule

Materials Needed

Spray Bottle




Baking Soda

Fabric Softener

Add all of the ingredients listed above into a spray bottle, one by one. Shake the bottle and spray the solution on the dirty spots on your couch. With a scrub brush, scrub the solution into the couch for a few seconds. Then, take a microfiber cloth and wipe the area with it until the stain disappears. Repeat the steps listed above until the stain is gone. Find more quick and easy cleaning tips from this video from 5-Minute Crafts.


Allow Your Toilet Brush To Air Dry Between the Toilet Seat and Toilet Bowl

Let your toilet brush air dry between the toilet bow and toilet seat | cleaning toilet bowl brush | deep spring cleaning ideas | cleaning tips | cleaning hacks | ways to clean your home|


Once you have finished using your toilet brush, place the handle of the brush between the seat cover and the toilet bowl to let it air dry. After letting the toilet brush air dry for awhile, you can place it back into the canister. This hacks is genius because it’ll keep your toilet brush from developing mold and bad smells. Find more genius cleaning hacks from this video from MissMikaylaG on YouTube.


Wrap a Clean Cloth Around a Knife To Clean The Air Vents In Your Home

How to clean air vents | spring cleaning tips | Homemaking cleaning schedule | Cleaning hacks | Clean your AC Vent

Materials Needed:



All purpose cleaner spray

Take the all-purpose cleaner spray bottle and spray it on the cloth. Wrap the cloth around a knife, and glide it through each individual air vent to remove dust. Justine Marie has of a ton of cleaning hacks in this video and in other videos on her Youtube channel, so check them out.


Deep Clean & Organize Your Refrigerator


Awesome ways to organize, declutter, and clean your home your this spring. These tips will make spring cleaning so much easier! You have to try these cleaning hacks. Spring cleaning motivation for your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and more.


Before and after fridge organization | How to organize your fridge | Spring cleaning hacks | organizing tips | Organization hacks | Small space organizing ideas

Materials Needed:

Organizer Bins


Krud Kutter cleaner

Completely take out all of the food in your fridge. Throw away everything that has expired or that you don’t need anymore. Remove the fridge shelves and compartments and wash them at the sink. Spray the Krud Kutter all over the fridge and use your sponge to scrub away all of the grime. Once you have washed and dried the fridge compartments, place them back in the fridge. When you start organizing, place all of the food in the organizer bins and place the bins in the fridge. Check out the full cleaning and organizing process from Radiate on YouTube.


Use the Storage Underneath Your Bed To Store All of Your Winter Clothes

If you don’t know where to start cleaning in your home, then the spring cleaning tips in this post will help you get started! Completely declutter your home and organize it with the hacks in this post. Deep spring cleaning tips.

Spring clean every room in your home with these tips. Keep your home neat and organized with these amazing spring cleaning and organizing ideas. Ultimate spring cleaning guide to motivate you.

Materials Needed

Clear bins

Start off by going through your closet and taking out all of your winter clothes. Since it’s springtime, you can put these clothing items away for next year. Place all of your winter clothes into clear storage bins, and place the bins under your bed. For more spring cleaning tips, watch this full video from Emily Norris on YouTube.


Don’t forget to check out the original source of each tip for even more spring cleaning ideas. If you have a few cleaning tips that you would like to share with me, tell me about them in the comment section.

Spring clean every room in your home with these tips. Keep your home neat and organized with these amazing spring cleaning and organizing ideas. Ultimate spring cleaning guide to motivate you.Spring clean every room in your home with these tips. Keep your home neat and organized with these amazing spring cleaning and organizing ideas. Ultimate spring cleaning guide to motivate you.







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