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10 Small But Clever Ways To Keep Your Home Organized

by Ambriel


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If you think that keeping your home organized is overwhelming at times, I totally understand. What I’ve learned over time is, making a few small changes around the house can really make a BIG difference. I’ve created a list of 10 small but clever ways to organize your home. Take some of the frustration out of organizing by checking out the ideas below!

Place Mesh Dividers Inside of Drawers To Keep Them Organized

Use mesh drawer dividers inside of your bathroom cabinet drawers to keep them organized | Bathroom organization hacks | drawer organizers | bathroom organizing tips | organizing ideas for bathroom | bathroom cabinet organization

Found from Hi Sugar Plum 

We all have that one junk drawer inside of our home that’s constantly cluttered. The easiest ways to de-clutter and organize your junky drawers is to use mesh dividers like these from Amazon.


Use Cabinet Organizer Racks To Organize Your Cabinets

Use cabinet organizer racks on the inside of your cabinet doors for organizing items  | cabinet organization | spice racks organizing | organization hacks | organizing ideas for home | organizing tips and tricks | cabinet organizers

Found from I Heart Organizing 

A messy cabinet makes it so hard to find the items that you need. Install cabinet organizer racks on the inside of your cabinet doors to keep everything neat and tidy.


Over-The-Door Organizers Can Hold A Ton of Items!

over the door shoe organizer for organizing your bedroom | bedroom organization hacks | organize your room | bedroom organizing tips and ideas | ways to organize your home | door organizer

Found from Cheat Sheet

You can place an over-the-door organizer on any door in your house. An over-the-door organizer like this one is a cheap and efficient way to organize every room in your home.


Use A Bookshelf For Extra Storage Space

Bookshelf organization | organization hacks | ways to organize your office, craft room, and bedroom | organizing tips and ideas

Found from Mrs. Gilchrist’s Class

This bookshelf hack is so clever! Fill a bookshelf with storage bins for instant open storage space in your home.


Use Mason Jars To Organize Small Items

Mason jar organization | mason jar crafts | organizing with mason jars | mason jar organizing ideas | organizing with mason jars | bathroom organization ideas

Found from Little House of Four

Mason jars are literally one of the best ways to keep your home organized without sacrificing style. Check out this decorative mason jar tutorial from Little House of Four here.


Place A Wicker Basket In Your Room For Extra Storage

Use a wicker basket in your bedroom to organize your excess pillows and blankets | bedroom organization hacks | organize your room | storage bins | bedroom storage ideas | organizing ideas and tips

Found from House Beautiful 

Put all of your extra pillows and blankets in a large wicker basket to keep them organized and easy to find.


Adhesive Hooks Make It Easy To Organize Your Pots On The Wall

Use command hooks to organize pots in your kitchen | command hooks organizing tips | organization hacks | organizing ideas and tips | command hooks hacks | kitchen organizing tips

Found from Apartment Therapy

If you have a really small kitchen, try placing your pots on adhesive hooks to utilize wall space. This will keep your pots from taking up space in your cabinets and keep them organized.


Turn Old Hat Boxes Into Storage Space For Your Bath Towels

Use hat boxes for bath towel storage in your bathroom | bathroom organization hacks | small space storage ideas | bathroom storage ideas and tips | bathroom organization hacks

Found from Country Living

If you have a few hat boxes, mount them to the bathroom wall and use them as a place to organize your towels and bath cloths.


Keep Your Baby’s Nursery Organized With A Simple IKEA Cart

Use an Ikea cart to organize your baby's nursery and changing table | Nursery organization | Baby nursery organizing tips | organizing your baby supplies | ways to organize your home | home organization hacks

Found from Hello Baby Brown

Keep all of your baby’s diaper changing necessities in an IKEA cart.


Use Curtain Clips To Hang Your Shower Products On The Shower Rod

Use curtain clips to hang bottles in your shower | shower organization hacks | organizing bathroom ideas | ways to organize your bathroom shower | shower organizing tips |

Found from Cosmopolitan 

My shower caddy isn’t big enough to hold all of my products, so this curtain clip hack is super useful! I can still find everything that I need without making my shower look cluttered.


These organizing tips are quick and super easy to use in your home. Share your organizing tips with me in the comment section below.


The BEST organizing hacks that will make it so much easier to keep your home organized. You have to try these organization tips!The BEST organizing hacks that will make it so much easier to keep your home organized. You have to try these organization tips!




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