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5 Easy Tips on How to Avoid Gaining Weight During The Holidays

by Ambriel

Fighting the temptation to indulge in some of my favorite meals can be pretty hard, especially during the holidays. This holiday season, don’t let the holiday food intimidate you. Follow these simple steps to easily stay on track with your diet during the holidays!

Use a small plate

An easy way to keep your meal portions at a considerable size is to eat off of a small sized plate (8-10 inches). By doing this, you won’t feel tempted to load your plate down with food due to the limited space.

Fill up on water

Drinking water is a good way to trick your body into being full. Water will keep you hydrated and flush out the toxins in your body. Drinking a considerable amount of water throughout the day can prevent you from overeating.

Focus on the festivities, not the food

The holidays are about spreading happiness and being around friends and family. Strike up a conversation with everyone, and participate in the games and activities. Put on some holiday music and dance the night away! Laugh, dance, have fun, and just enjoy being in the presence of your loved ones.

Chew gum regularly

Keep your mouth preoccupied by chewing gum or eating mints. This will keep you from indulging in any reckless munching. (You also won’t have to worry about having bad breath !!)

Just say no

Whenever someone offers you food, don’t be afraid to say no. Politely turn down the offer, and thank them for their offer. Before you know it, saying no ¬†will become easier and easier.

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